Who We Are

CRAIG design build is a top-notch general contractor for home improvement and new construction projects. The company is led by Craig Frasco, a fourth-generation carpenter and home builder who personally works with his team of specialized tradesmen to ensure that every project is built to the highest standards. With over 10 years of experience, CRAIG design build has developed cost-effective, time-tested systems for estimating, scheduling, construction, and quality control. Throughout the entire process, clients can expect expert guidance from the team.

CRAIG design build offers a range of construction solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, including:

  • A foot-in-the-door initial consultation to discuss your project
  • Assistance in realizing your vision for your home
  • Free Cost of Construction Proposal for projects under $50k
  • Free Cost Range Estimate for projects above $50k
  • Referrals to trusted architects upon request
  • Guidance during the preliminary stage of construction planning
  • An estimated project timeline from start to finish

Trust CRAIG design build to bring your dream home to life with unparalleled expertise and attention to detail.


It’s not a job; It’s creating a lifestyle.

CRAIG design build aspires to generate sensibility design by appealing to the human senses of nostalgia, comfort, and satisfaction throughout the construction process and into the future. CRAIG design build wants to create more happiness with less expenditure.

What We're Made Of

At CRAIG design build, Craig Frasco implements his personal Core Values into the Company’s Guiding Principles.

Craig's Values:

1.) Be Present

2.) Be Valuable

3.) Be Assertive

4.) Be a Forward Thinker

5.) Be Sociable

6.) Be Wiser than my past self -  always evolve

7.) Be True - recognize what is real

Company’s Guiding Principles:

1.) Listen, hear and respect homeowner's ideas, concerns, and comments

2.) Offer processes and supply materials that could lower the cost of construction and future expenditures when and where applicable

3.) Clearly define project success and help define alternative measures of project success

  • Communicate project budget, schedule, and scope goals
  • Provide organization to homeowners' priorities and explain them in project terms

4.) Envision potential problems before they occur - rely on experience

  • Architectural drawings always have errors. Find errors and create a solution to fix them

5.) Be Friendly and Neighborly

6.) Be Flexible. React to changing targets in the Project Schedule

  • Hindsight is always 20/20. Delays always occur throughout projects. As a delay occurs reference Gantt Chart and compensate for lost time if possible

7.) Demonstrate efficient time management and workflow

  • Purchase and supply materials before work begins. Knowing when and how much required material relies on experience. Accuracy reduces cost of construction and completion time

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