I came across an article the other day that asked if painted accent walls are still in style in 2022. Before I even clicked on the article, I thought about writing this blog. Before I opened the article on my desktop, I knew how I’d title this entry. Of course accent walls still work! I’ll tell you why after I tell you what the article summarized. 

Eventually when I opened the link, I read that accent colored walls are back in 2022. It concluded that anything unique, bold, and eccentric has made a comeback in 2022, after these tumultuous years since 2020. Here’s what I say. Accent colored walls never went out of style. No global pandemic can ever rid us of our inner designer that will forever scream bold, forever scream unique, and will forever scream eccentricity! 

This reminds me of the very first time I painted an accent wall in my dining room many years ago. I wasn't so sure about it but I had seen the design idea cropping up in magazines all over, and loved the boldness of the idea; one wall painted a different color than the rest of the walls in the same room, okay, got it, I thought. Way cool! Besides making granny gasp and clutch her pearls when she saw it, I was all game for something so radical at the time.  The room needed some character too, I thought. I opted to go as bold as I could, as “character-ful” as I could, one bright red dining room wall against cherry wood furniture atop sandy brown flooring. I went there! I went bold! I went character! And it looked amazing!

The question often asked about accent colored walls is:  Should the wall be lighter or darker than the rest? 

There is a simple rule that applies most of the time. There are exceptions to every design rule, we know, but here goes. If you are working with a larger room and attempting to make it feel cozier and more inviting, go with darker colored accent wall paint. Sometimes large spaces feel  a bit cold. A darker color, that complements the color scheme of the room, in general, will give a room a warmer feel. The opposite is true. If you are redecorating a smaller room, and you want to make it appear larger, use a lighter color to accent a wall. It’s all about the eyes, and how we process the colors we see as it relates to space.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about accent colored walls. Still in style? Or no? We’d love for you to share your design ideas. What has worked for you? Better yet, what do you want to try out in your own space? Are you feeling bold, unique, and eccentric? We can help you!  

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