Best Basement Bottoms (Say that 3 times Really Fast)

Let’s talk about basement flooring. No one thinks of it really, until you want to transform your basement into more living space. Most of us want to transform our basements into entertainment spaces. Some realtors say basements make or break the home buying and selling process, while others say no way, it’s the kitchen and yards by far that have these tough jobs of attracting buyers. Realtors who say basements make or break the home are most certainly NOT referring to the cobwebs that many basements tend to house. They say that homebuyers, who are forward thinking, want to see opportunity and promise in the basement space. No, they don’t want to build a Studio 54 down there; but a nice play room for the small kids, or a gaming space for the older ones, or a den for Sunday football for dad and grandpa, are the likely goals.

When it comes to the basement flooring, whether you are buying, selling, building, or renovating, you should know your options. First thing’s first. It’s the basement, so besides the cobwebs, what do we worry about the most down there? Any takers? If you said: “Water for 200, Alex,” you answered correctly. (Oh, how we miss Alex Trebek…but I digress) What you must remember is that whatever material you choose, it must be waterproof or water resistant.

  1. Rubber is the first material many of us think of when considering water resistant. It’s also not the first material we think of when we want to transform that large basement space into a beautiful entertainment hub. You can find rubber options, and for many reasons may want to choose rubber.
  2. Ceramic Tiles are an option. They are certainly water resistant but installing ceramic tiles are labor intensive and the floors are much colder than our final option.
  3. Try Vinyl Sheets. These consist of single pieces of vinyl that’s cut to size to fit the room. It’s affordable and is not just plain water resistant, but fully waterproof. Best yet, vinyl sheets can be installed directly over concrete. 

Remember to seek a professional for proper installation.