How many carpenters does it take to change a light bulb? One, if the bulb is being changed by Craig Design Builds. Speaking of light bulbs, there are a lot of choices out there. You can choose light-emitting diodes (LED), halogen, or compact fluorescent light bulbs also known as energy saving bulbs. You also have your choice of  watts, lumens and color, Oh my! In addition to those choices, you may also choose the shape of your light bulb. With all of these choices, you can spend hours trying to choose the perfect light. 

I once had the idea that I would use  bulbs on the daylight spectrum in the chandelier at the entryway of my home. It was a good idea at the time. Then one evening a guest came to visit and when we greeted the unexpected guest it was as if we’d turned on the sun. It was not the right choice of light in that particular area of the house. I swapped those out for some soft white bulbs and I was able to use the “sun bulbs” in areas of the house that had plants. The plants thrived with the addition of longer sunlight hours that winter when house plants tend to thrive less (more on that later)

 My newest bulb investment is LED lighting. These bulbs do not need to be changed as often as any other bulb. In fact, they rarely need to be changed. You will need a light fixture especially designed for LED light though.  The fixture costs a little more than fixtures that require a traditional bulb, but the savings on replacement bulbs, I think, is worth it.  If you are in the market to upgrade your light fixture, LED lighting is one of your choices.

Compact fluorescent bulbs also known as energy efficient bulbs seemed to be a favorite of energy companies. I remember getting free bulbs in the mail from my energy provider. These days the energy efficient bulb is far more reliable than the first one that came on the market. The maker of these bulbs boast a multi-year life span! 

All of these choices can be overwhelming, but remember that whatever you choose, you can always change the lightbulb.