There is a saying, “The customer is always right,” but I disagree. The customer could be wrong. It can be likened to a doctor-patient relationship, where the doctor (who has the expertise and knowledge in medicine) may sometimes have to disagree with the patient’s self-diagnosis or preferred treatment plan. The doctor has the responsibility to provide their professional opinion and guide the patient towards the best course of action, even if it may not align with what the patient believes is best. Similarly, businesses have the responsibility to ensure the quality of their products and services, and sometimes they may need to correct a customer’s misunderstanding or dissatisfaction, even if it means acknowledging that the customer might not have been entirely correct in their complaints or demands.

Ideally, the client and the business have a relationship that is based on respect and integrity. I always honor my clients which makes it all the more important that I am clear about the scope of the project. We start with a conversation. This conversation happens before the bid, or estimate. It happens before a site visit, and definitely before a contract is signed or any work begins. I think that it is important to note that the human connection is the essential underpinning of a successful business. 

It is not far-fetched to expect mutual respect from the humans that we do business with. Every once in a while, I meet a client who does not meet my expectation of mutual respect. Honestly, when that happens, it saddens me. Of course, I’m in business to make profit, but I’d rather not profit if the cost is enduring disrespect, or worse. Clients 

The client is not always right. I do my best to manage expectations by being clear both verbally and in writing. I do this because I am professional, and, to be honest, I take pride in my work and my company. For me, when I call my client, I hope that I am calling my friend and having a genuine human connection.

Like doctors have knowledge and expertise in medicine, I have knowledge and expertise in carpentry. I have the responsibility to ensure the quality of products and services from Craig Design Build. I refuse to do anything less than my absolute best. I trust that if I need to correct a customer’s misunderstanding or dissatisfaction that they know I am doing so because I am keeping them safe. Human connection is the underpinning of great business and friendship.