As the new year shuffles in, home improvement projects are often somewhere in the mix among these resolutions: 

  1. Eat less ice cream (Are you kidding me? No way, speak for yourself!)
  2. Start back in the gym (Maybe, I mean, I am paying for the monthly membership.)
  3. Lose 10 pounds (see numbers one and two)

All these are great, but some of us add home improvement projects to the list too, and in this blog, we’d like to discuss which projects are optimal for the best return on your investment. Even with home prices still up fairly high in the United States, every homeowner wants the most bang for their buck. This means if you implement any home improvement project, you’d like to know that the return on your investment (in value, equity, or when you sell it), you’ll recoup most or all of the money for the cost of that project. 

Do we all agree that stunning baths and kitchens sell homes? Open concept kitchens still rock, with updated appliances of course. Minimalist baths (minimalistic in décor and design), with great designed tiling, and still enough space to accommodate the family, catches the eyes of buyers every time. It’s safe to say that a kitchen or bath remodeling will yield great returns on the investment (ROI) each time. 

According to Fortune Builders, these three home improvement areas, and their ROI, can prove worthy to explore. 

  1. Deck/Patio/Porch Addition: Returns an average of 90.3%
  2. Basement Remodel: Returns an average of 90.1%
  3. Replace Windows: Returns an average of 89.6%

Let us not forget, looking at this list, there is plenty of reason to consider these projects even if the ROI wasn’t as high. We like to enjoy these places we call home, as much as possible, right? I'm always interested in what makes a person's room their favorite. All these, regardless, bring comfort, or pleasure, or convenience, or possibly lower heating costs, even if we weren’t concerned with ROI. So consider them anyway.

Amongst all the other things we pledge as New Year’s resolutions: to be more disciplined with our money, build ourselves spiritually, spend more time with family; all important work indeed. Let’s not neglect our most important asset, our homes. Explore what home improvement projects are right for you for 2023.