1. the activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood.
    "carpentry skills"
  • the work made or done by a carpenter.
    "the superb carpentry of the mahogany desk"
  • Craig Frasco

When I think of carpentry, I think of goodness, I think of family, and I think of comfort. I want to do more than build a space. I want to build homes. I want people to have a favorite room or rooms. I want their lives to be good. When a person has a home they are more likely to have a life that is grounded in goodness. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what people need in a room in order for it to be their favorite. For some people, I learned that their favorite room was dependent on how they used the room. Maybe it was the dining room where the family gathered or the room where they watched movies together. I have been wondering if the amount of natural light in the room, the design of the doorways, the type of flooring, the light fixtures, or the contents (furniture, etc) is what makes a room the favorite? There is no right answer, but most often people that I have asked based their favorite room on a memory and how they used the room.

I know that, despite the personal style that a person or family gives to the room, the quality of the building matters most. I come from a family of home builders. I learned to build from my father alongside skilled carpenters. I know before the first cut of wood, or drive of screw that I am building someone’s favorite room, childhood memories, holiday gathering space, home and I am proud to say I am among the multi-skilled builders at Craig Design Build. People have to build their own dreams, but we can build that place where they house them. We, Craig Design Build, pride ourselves on quality which is a tradition in our family. 

Craig Design Build is intended for those who are interested in creating a space that will house their dreams. Somehow, you found yourself here on my blog and I hope that this moment will lead to the building of your favorite room or dream home. When you are ready, or just curious about how our team works, please contact us: 

CRAIG Design Build, LLC.


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