This is easily my favorite time of year. Thanks to my dog, I get to take long walks around the neighborhood. When I’m walking during this season, the neighborhood is decorated with lights, characters, and ornaments. The beauty makes the walk all the more pleasurable. I dare say that beauty makes the cold a bit more tolerable.

Some people decorate their homes with very little, but others make spectacular light displays. That decor takes careful consideration and planning. It is important to know how much power your circuits can handle and you need to know what to do if one of your breakers trips. Some would say, “just flip it back on,” but sometimes the better thing to do is rearrange the number of household appliances on the same circuits. Very dedicated people designate space in their break box especially for their outdoor display. Again, a choice like that takes consideration and planning. Some others use a generator outside of the home to power their light display. 

Another consideration is installing the lights. Please be careful on ladders. Choose a time when the weather isn’t wet to reduce the chances of falling and please have someone with you who can help with this endeavor. 

This seasonal task is so great and important that some homeowners leave the lights on the house all year long. This way, they simply have to turn them on when the time comes. Some people simply decorate a tree in their home and open the curtains and blinds. Whatever you do, I want to say to you, on behalf of all of the dog walkers, Thank you.

You, literally, brighten my spirit.

Happy Holidays!